GenF20 Plus Review – Does It Really Work? My Results..

For the last 3 months I’ve been using GenF20 Plus for anti-aging.

I was very skeptical about it at the start but my results have been so amazing!

So I wanted to write this review to talk about them and help you avoid the effects of aging too.

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Like a lot of you reading this I would say that I work hard.

I try to exercise as often as possible and eat healthy most of the time.

Hard work and clean living, the secret to youth, right?

Errr, wrong.

If that’s the case then how come when I turned 34 earlier this year I suddenly began to feel old and tired.

I realized that I was tired all the time, I couldn’t exercise for long, my skin was looking bad and I started gaining fat around my mid-section so goodbye abs. 🙁

To play it safe I went and saw my doctor and got some blood work done and she told me there was nothing wrong with me and that I was just getting older.

It happens to all of us, she said.

So, when I got home I went back to the all-knowing Oracle a.k.a Google.

I learned that as we get older our GH (Growth Hormone) levels decline.

This decline in growth hormone is what leads to all the nasty side-effects of aging.

But all is not lost because I learned that it’s actually possible to increase your HGH levels and actually turn back the effects of time on your body and defy the aging.

One way to boost HGH levels is to inject it into yourself daily.

But unless you get it on prescription you’re going to have to buy it online and there are a lot of scammers out there.

Plus, it will cost you upwards of $1,000 a month!

For a while I was considering spending the money until I saw this post about a product called GenF20 Plus.

“HGH injections were costing too much and I couldn’t justify spending the $800 a month for a low dose. The effects were amazing, clear skin, younger looking skin, nice healthy hair, better sleep, more energy and I could eat whatever I wanted and not get fat so it was sad to give it up.

Around 4 weeks after stopping the HGH injections I quickly noticed how crappy I felt but now I have a new secret weapon!

It’s called Genf20 plus.

When I bought it I was skeptical and thought I might be wasting my money but I heard it was good and this stuff is 20 times cheaper than pure HGH and no injections needed.

Now I have been on it for 2 months I can tell you guys that it’s not a scam and it does actually work.

It’s definitely not as powerful as the pure stuff but that’s to be expected.

I’ve noticed more energy, nicer skin and all that other good stuff that comes with increased HGH levels.

To be honest now I’ve found this I don’t think I’ll ever go back to paying $800 a month for the “pure” stuff when genf20 works so good.

Hope that helps some of you looking to increase your GH levels and stay young!”

The post is a little long but it resonated with me.

I learned that the GenF20 Plus company has been around since 2001 and a clinical study confirms that their product increases HGH levels by over 28%, which is apparently quite a lot!

And because it has a 67 day money back guarantee I decided to try it out for a month.

So, I went ahead and ordered a month’s supply to try it out.

(By the way, there are 2 versions. There’s the pills and there’s the spray. You can buy them seperately or both together. I bought them both together.)

I started taking 4 pills and 6 sprays per day.

So, does it actually work?

My GenF20 Plus Results

Obviously, I don’t have my own lab so I wasn’t able to actually measure my HGH levels so I can’t tell you scientifically what this product did to my body.

But I can tell you how it made me feel.

For the first 14 days I honestly didn’t feel much although I did feel a bit more energized after using the spray but that may have been a placebo effect, who knows.

I read that results don’t happen overnight anyway so I stayed patient.

After around 14 days of taking GenF20 Plus I began to see undeniable results that made me want to keep using the product.

In order, here are the changes that I started noticing.

Sleeping Better: First of all, I noticed that I was getting a much deeper and more restful sleep. Because of this I started waking up 45 minutes before my alarm went off feeling wide awake and ready to get up.

More Energy: In the past my energy levels used to be up and down and by the afternoon I would feel wasted. But now I feel like I have energy all day and I don’t feel like a zombie during the afternoons.

More Focused: I began to notice that I was becoming for and more focused on whatever it was that I doing.

I had a habit in the past of becoming distracted easily but now with this added focus and energy I found myself being so much more productive!

Amazing Workouts: Before taking GenF20 Plus I found myself feeling lethargic and my workouts where just a drag but now my workouts are intense and I feel great doing them and no matter how hard I work out I don’t feel sore the next day like I used to.

Burned Through Fat: With all the energy and the great workouts I was getting done I quickly burned through that stubborn belly fat that was weighing me down.

Better Skin: I heard before taking GenF20 Plus that it makes your skin nicer and more youthful and they weren’t wrong.

I really have noticed that my pores are smaller and my skin is healthier and younger looking.

My wrinkles almost seem to have filled and are gone and the bags under my eyes have almost disappeared.

Increased Virility: I wasn’t expecting any improvements in this area but I have definitely noticed that my  drive has increased which is a nice added bonus!

Feeling 10 Years Younger! I am now on my third month of taking GenF20 Plus and I can see myself taking it forever.

I’ve been getting compliments from the people around me on my appearance and people are asking me what my secret is.

I really do feel 10 years younger on this stuff and when I went to get a haircut the other day the hairdresser couldn’t believe that I was 34.

She thought I was about 25. 🙂

Purchase GenF20 Plus from

Anyway, I love GenF20 Plus so if you’re looking for something to help with anti-aging then I wholeheartedly recommend giving it a try.

GenF20 Plus Reviews

GenF20 Plus really works!

I didn't think this stuff was going to work for me as I have tried a couple of other HGH releaser products but I was pleasantly surprised to find that I started to feel it's effects after just a week.

It started of subtle, I just noticed that I was sleeping better. I used to find it hard to get to sleep and I would be up 2-3 times a night but I just fell right to sleep and work up feeling refreshed.

Then gradually things got better and better ie nicer skin, more energy, I seem to be able to eat whatever I want and not gain weight lol.

At first my wife told me I was wasting my money again but now she's bought some too since she's seen what it's done for me ha ha. 🙂

Gen F20 Plus gets 5 stars from me and my wife!!

David Smith

Cheap and powerful!

I used real HGH for a year and heard about this product from a friend who uses it, he said it’s really good.

Because it's so much cheaper than real HGH I thought I would give it a try, if it sucked then I would just go back to injecting the real stuff.

So I started taking genf20plus and for the first few weeks I didn't feel good after coming off the real HGH but then I began to feel great again and I can only put it down to genf20plus.

It almost felt like I was on "the real stuff" again.

I was spending about $1,100 a month on "real HGH" but now I'm spending about $100 a month on genf20plus so I am sooo happy because I get the benefits of HGH and get to save $1,000 a month!!


“A healthy glow about me”

I wish I had heard about this stuff years ago! I am turning 48 this year and after using these pills and spray for the last 12 weeks I feel like my biological clock has been turned back 15 years!

I have so much more energy and don't need to take naps anymore.

My wife tells me I have a healthy glow about me!

The wonders of modern medicine never cease to amaze me.

Walt G.

Great for women too!

OMG, I love GenF20 Plus. I have been using creams and all sorts to try and make my skin look younger for years with not much success.

4 weeks into using this and my skin looks so healthy and smooth. My fine lines and wrinkles aren't even a quarter of what they used to be.

It's a miracle. 🙂


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Why I Recommend GenF20 Plus

I’ve bought so many pills and supplements in the past that were supposed to give you more energy or make you feel better that ended up doing absolutely nothing.

GenF20 Plus has been to only supplement I’ve ever taken that actually lives up to its claims.

I’ve never used pure HGH as it’s expensive and hard to get hold of but quite honestly, I don’t see why I would ever need to when GenF20 Plus is 20 times cheaper and works so well.

Now, after you purchase, don’t expect to see results overnight, that’s just not going to happen.

But if you give it a few weeks to do its thing then you will be over the moon with the changes you begin to see.

There will be a point where things just start to happen and you’ll wake up every morning noticing more and more positive changes as if by magic!

Get yours from the official website

When GenF20 Plus kicks in you’ll say to yourself  “WOW, I didn’t know it was possible for me to look and feel this good!”

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